English Explorers

                                               Parker Hemstreet (Roberto Roberts)

                     Your majesty, my name is Roberto Roberts. I ask you for money to depart to the new world in 1599.  I hail from Spain, your majesty, and I ask you to sponsor my trip to the New World, Your Highness.  I understand the resources you want, so I will lay I will return and lay gold, and a cash crop before your feet, your highness.  I would look for warm furs for myself, your excellency.  Your excellency, I seek furs to keep my crew and me warm during our long journey through the north.  I seek the New found land, because the natives there have the furs we seek.  Other countries seeking wealth are Spain and France, O great Queen.  Your majesty, I understand you are looking for gold and faster trade route, and I will use all my strength to get these to you.  I will start a battle with other Europeans, unless they are your loyal subjects, and I will trade with the natives, your excellency.  I expect to run into at least one sea monster, which I will be head with my sword, and I will most likely run into natives, who I will attempt to trade with.

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