Exploring Hungary

Unit Taught by Lilly Bokun, Vincent Jerosch-Herold, Cecilia Flynn, Aylin Padir and Shirley Ma

Budapest, Hungary

Essential Questions for this Mini-Unit:

  1. How is Hungarian writing influenced by the history of the nation?
  2. In what ways does author Zsófia Bán illustrate the importance of accurate representation?

Background Information

Raps and Poems!


Hungary's Geography: Map of Central Europe
Map of Hungary Emphasizing Physical Features


The Division of Hungary Following Turkish Invasion
Austrian-Hungarian Empire

The Arts

Hungarian Gothic Cathedral in Budapest
House of Hungarian Music Designed by Sou Fujimoto
Budapest Metro
Academy of Sciences: Budapest
Széchenyi Baths: Reflection of Baroque Archticture
Budapest Bank


Dobos Cake
Hungarian Mac'N Cheese: Goulash

The Hungarian Language

Vowel Pronunciation in Hungarian: Tips!

a: like Brit 'o' in "not"

á: like 'a' in "father"

e: like 'e' in "let"

é: like 'a' in "say"

i: like i in "hit" (short)

í: like 'ee' in "meet" (long)

o: like 'a' in "ball"

ó: like 'aw' in "saw"

ö: like 'e' in "under"

ő: like 'ea' in "earth"

u: like 'u' in "pull"

ú: like 'oo' in "moon"

ü: like 'u' in "menu"

ű: like 'u' in "uber" (long)

Tiny Hungarian Village Puts Itself Up For Hire

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