The Ginger Web Part 2!

Matthew Menchavez and Elijah Slaven

Sorry Mrs. Diester but the first picture had a lemniscate that was the wrong way but here is the new and revised one #polarprojectperiod2

Paragraph is as follows:

Our changes that we have made we're that the original lemmoscate was pointing in the wrong direction and so we had to tweak equation and change it to r^2=81sin2theta and that's the only specific equation that we needed to change. Also we had to convert the last few equations to rectangular because they were in polar and Desmond could not read them.

Here are the 3 paragraphs:

I apologize Mrs. Diester, for not turning in the 3 paragraphs along with the desmos pictures I was not present at the moment but here are the 3 paragraphs as follows:

We experimented mathematically by using our knowledge of the math and using random numbers to see which matched the graphs. We also utilized your notes to calculate the distances of the petals and the eccentricity of the polar graphs.

While participating in this project we learned that teamwork is essential and that knowing the math is also very helpful (obviously) but we especially learned how to fined quicker ways to solve and graph the polar equations. I enjoyed working on this assignment because it gave me an escape from all the APs and allowed me to just relax my brain and slow down and get all the sine, cosine functions in order.

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