The Estate Homes of the Colonials

Where you can live a life of religious choices...

Here, in the New England Colonies, are beautiful estates of large land just for you! You could be living in a new style, a style that you don't have where-ever you dwell. Though if you move here it is pretty chilly so you will most likely need lots or warm clothing and maybe a cookbook of the best recipes to keep you warm, but the seasons of change here are spectacular to the ones who already live here! That's right you'll have neighbors, all with free religious rights, just like you will if you move here.  But those aren't the only neighbors you'll have, Native Americans live here as well. They're probably the nicest natives you'll ever meet and they make great meals along with many other settlers!  This winter home that you are viewing now is shown in the middle fall, a genuinely great season for late harvesting. Although the soil is rough and rocky, people here still find a way to live. As stated before it is cold here, colder than most places, along with a short growing season. But with many crops for that one harvest and the help of others you're sure to make it through anything! Some of the colonies that you can join are: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Connecticut.   All great places to live with lovely and lively communities for all and a very accepting of others.  The summer, being just right and not too hot is a perfect for growing crops you desire! Although as stated before, it is short, but you'll make unforgettable memories. You can bring your family and friends here too, but if you pay for a friend's ride you will have to make them work for you for about 4 - 7 years so they can make up the money, but after that they're home free to get land of their own! Most call them an indentured slave. Its best to bring your family and if your friends willing to go you can bring them, despite, the conditions if they can't pay for themselves, can help each other to unfathomable riches! All just by doing these little jobs: trade and shipping, fishing, making rum, and getting timber from nearby forest.  Just by doing these things you're sure to make great change to you're way of life where ever you are. And many live here now, but they could use your help and skill to help others there, as much as your self, to complete amazing task. We hope you'll come and enjoy your stay at the Estate Homes of the Colonials!

Here, as stated earlier above, timber is a well made way of getting payment for hard work. Although it may be tough it earns quite the wealth. It could be used for ship building, or the timber collected will just be shipped off for trade.

It can get chilly, this is probably the worst it'll ever get during your time here, but its is assured that there will be a warm and cozy house waiting for you for this enjoyable view!

Behold! The places you can choose to live in! Using this map could give you a greater range on where these places are and what they look like from above. All are touching a great Ocean, and either it being the farthest corners or along the sides, they are all coastal. We hope that you will make amazing changes and choices to the world around where ever you are. And we hope that you'll come and join the settlers of New England Colonies!

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