Extend Your Capabilities with Google Chrome Extensions

By Avra Robinson

Google Chrome vs. Other Browsers

A Google Chrome Extension is a little program that runs inside of Google Chrome to EXTEND its capabilities, add features, and increase functionality.

How Do I Get Extensions?

How do I get RID of extensions?

  • Extensions can cause problems at times
  • Can be easily uninstalled by:
    • Going to the Settings Menu & selecting Extensions on the left
    • Deselect (uncheck) the box that says “Enabled” OR
    • Use the Garbage Can icon to remove from Chrome

Google Chrome Extensions are tools for success!  They help teachers and students be more efficient, effective, organized, and successful when utilizing the web.

  • Quickly save images to Google Drive
    • Right-click on the image
    • Select “Save to Google Drive”
      • Select “Save Image to Google Drive” or
      • Select “Save Link to Google Drive”
  • Quickly save screen capture to Google Drive
    • Click on the extension icon in the extension bar
    • Saves as an image file in your Google Drive

Help your students, teachers, audience members, or others quickly get to your web resource by shortening its URL.  Google Chrome Extensions make it happen with just a few clicks!

Google Chrome Extension: Shorten Me

  • Quickly & easily create a shortened URL
  • Also create a QR Code for a website

Google Chrome Extension: Bitly

  • Quickly & easily create a shortened URL
  • Can customize URL

Google Chrome Extension: goo.gl URL Shortener

  • Quickly & easily create a shortened URL
  • Auto-copies the shortened URL to the clipboard

Tabs are wonderful things.  Having many open at once & being able to multitask is fantastic, but it can quickly get out of control & be addictive.
(Tab-aholics Anonymous Meeting is another day though...)

Google Chrome Extension:  ONE TAB

  • Do you have an addiction to open tabs?
  • Quickly consolidate all open tabs into a list
  • Speeds up computer

Google Chrome Extension: TabCloud

  • Creates a “cloud” of open tabs
  • Allows you to name the cloud
  • Quickly & easily saves
  • Rename windows
  • Log in with Google account

Image: http://knowsomethingabout.blogspot.com/2011/02/3-useful-session-manager-extensions-for.html

Image: http://www.techfeb.com/recycle-closed-tabs-in-google-chrome-chrome/

Google Chrome Extension: Recycle Bin

  • Restore closed tabs with one click!

Google Chrome Extension: Split Screen

  • Always wanted a dual-display?
  • Creates a split screen
  • Easily assess student work and enter grades at the same time

Google Chrome Extension: Tab Scissors & Tab Glue

  • Splits browser tabs into 2 different windows
  • Tab Glue is the companion to put them all back together
  • Different from Split Screen because there are 2 separate windows

Google Chrome Extensions:  Copy ALL URL's

  • Any open tabs will have their URL’s copied into the clipboard of your computer
  • Can be PASTED into an email, text document, etc.

Screenshots are great for many purposes.  As a teacher, administrator, or coach, you may use screenshots to demonstrate the steps to a new skill.  Students in the classroom can demonstrate their work by creating a screenshot of their computer or mobile device and emailing it to the teacher.  Or...if you are stuck and troubleshooting, sending a screenshot to your tech person can be very helpful as he/she tries to solve your issue.

Google Chrome Extension:  Awesome Screenshot

  • Take a screenshot
  • Annotate with arrows, lines, and text

Google Chrome Extension: TechSmith Snagit

  • Create Screenshots
  • Create Screencasts
  • Annotate
  • Save to Google Drive

Many Google Chrome extensions work to make streaming video more focused or secure.

Google Chrome Extension: Pop Out for YouTube

  • Takes the YouTube video and pops it out into its own window
  • Similar to full-screen mode
  • No ads!

Google Chrome Extension: Turn Off the Lights

  • Dims the screen around any video player for better focus

Google Chrome Extension:  AdBlock for YouTube

  • Disable ads from popping up in YouTube Videos
  • Icon appears in the omnibox when you are on YouTube
    • Click on the icon to disable the extension if desired

Do you ever get off-task when you are online?
Do your students waste time when they should be working?
Would you like to know how much time you spend on different websites?

Google Chrome Extension:  I AM Studying

  • Set personal message for 'studying mode'
  • Answer a question in order to unlock blocking
  • Block sites that prevent you from focusing
  • Snooze (10 min of fun!)
  • Analytics--overview about your browsing

Google Chrome Extension: Time Warp

  • Keeps track of how long you’ve spent on websites
  • Great for adults setting time limits to stay on track or setting goals
  • Great to keep students on track, too!

Google Chrome Extension:  Time Stats

  • Monitors time spent on specific websites
  • Great for adults who are trying to stay task-oriented or monitor their work timeframes
  • Awesome to see what kids have been doing...and to teach kids to be self-monitors, too!

Google Chrome Extension:  Strict Workflow

  • Timer
  • Limits certain websites and doesn’t allow you to go to them until the time is up
  • Focuses adults and students on work and allows breaks

Google Chrome Extension: One Click Timer

  • Quick and easy timer that appears with one click!
  • Can set the timer for 1-60 minutes
  • Music plays when time is up--even if the timer is hidden

Google Chrome Extension: Google Calendar Checker

  • Check calendar without leaving the webpage you are on!

There are dozens of Google Chrome Extensions that help to differentiate the reading experience!  Adults and children explore information regularly through the written word.  Changing it up from time to time may reach a wider variety of learners, increase comprehension, enhance focus, or just make it more fun!

Google Chrome Extension: Speak It

  • Highlight words on a webpage
  • Voice reads it to you
  • Fabulous for auditory learners, young children, or just for fun!

Google Chrome Extension: Spreed

  • Speed Read the Internet!
  • Text becomes white on a black background
  • Pressing play makes text fly at you
  • Helps with focus, differentiation, and fun!

Google Chrome Extension: Too Long Didn't Read

  • Takes a long page of text and summarizes it!
  • Variety of lengths: summary, short, medium, long, and original
  • Wonderful tool for teaching summarization

Google Chrome Extension: dotEPUB

  • Convert any webpage into an EPUB or Kindle e-book.
  • Download webpages to any device: e-readers, tablets, smartphones, netbooks, desktop computers…
  • Save now and immersively read later (even offline) those long and deep articles you didn't have time to read while browsing.
  • Build a personal library of your favorite blog posts, news articles, etc.

Google Chrome Extension:  Google Dictionary

  • Double-click any word to view its definition in a small pop-up bubble
  • View the complete definition of any word or phrase using the toolbar dictionary
  • Stores a history of words you've looked up, so you can practice them later

Google Chrome Extension: Google Translate

  • Adds a button to browser toolbar
  • Click translate icon to translate the page
  • Also automatically detects if the language of a page is different from the language of Google Chrome interface
    • Banner appears at the top of the page
    • Click Translate button in the banner to have all the text on the page appear in the new language

Google Chrome Extension: Evernote Clearly

  • Clears the page of all superfluous “stuff”
  • Leaves just the text and pertinent images
  • Links with Evernote for annotation

Certain extensions are app-specific.  
They make it easier to utilize an app, streamlining the user-experience.


  • Create text, photo and audio notes
  • Clip web pages including text, links, and images
  • Synchronize your notes across your devices
  • Search for text within snapshots and images
  • Device Independent

Google Chrome Extension: Evernote Web Clipper

  • Save from the Web by Clipping
    • Clip:
      • Article--entire article
      • Simplified Article--cleaner view
      • Entire page
      • Bookmark--main image & brief excerpt
      • Selections--text or images from the page
      • PDFs
      • Gmail: Gmail conversations & attached files
      • Screenshots: screenshots & annotations
    • Annotate articles
    • Share
    • Sync across devices

Similar to Evernote:

Similar to Evernote, Pocket & Diigo are also Web 2.0 tools that helps users harness the power and information on the internet in a manageable way.  Both Google Chrome extensions save information including: text, images, video, etc. to the organizational tool with a simple click.  Diigo also allows for annotation.

PicMonkey:  Graphic and Photo Editing app/Web 2.0 Tool

Some Uses Include:

  • Photo Collages
  • Basic Photo Editing
  • Graphic Creation

The embedded ThingLink below was created using PicMonkey.  Students took individual photos of aspects of a biome, inserted text over the image, saved the image to their Google Drive, and then finally, they put them all together in a collage.
(They then used ThingLink to make each smaller image link to the larger image.)

PicMonkey Google Chrome Extension:
With one click, all images on the page are displayed in a dropdown menu & can be easily imported into PicMonkey with one click for editing

MoveNote:  Sharing Tool in which video & audio combine with any attachment


  • Present and publish work: read poems or essays aloud, do presentations, etc.
  • School announcements
  • Podcasting
  • Artifacts of learning for portfolios or parent-teacher conferences


  • Device independent
  • Seamless integration with Google Drive
  • Device
  • Simply creates a link for sharing

Google Chrome Extension Movenote:
Adds Movenote to Gmail for easy creation.  Simply and easily create content, record video and audio without leaving your inbox!

Presenting is about keeping your audience engaged!  There are Google Chrome Extensions to help!

Keep Awake

  • Chromebook Extension
  • Keeps the Chromebook from sleeping, hibernating, or shutting down
  • Great for presentations

Presentation Remote for Google Drive

  • Control your Google Presentation from around the room using your mobile device
  • Allows you to see the speaker notes on your mobile device

Presentation Remote for SlideShare

  • Control your Slideshare Presentation from around the room using your mobile device
  • Allows you to see the speaker notes on your mobile device

Google Chrome Extension:  Extensions Manager (aka Switcher)

  • Quickly and easily enable, disable, uninstall extensions, applications and themes
  • Switching the necessary extension on the fly

Google Chrome Extension: SimpleExtManager

  • Create extension groups
  • Enable, disable, access options, and uninstall extensions

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