American Culture: AndersonNoah

This is a picture of the United States. I chose this picture because I am going to be talking about American Culture. This picture of The US to me is a Value, because with out the US you wouldn't get a job or own a house or have freedom of speech or any of that. Not a lot of people realize this, but with out America they wouldn't have Opportunity, or Freedom.

Max Weber was a German Sociologist, Philosopher, and Political economist. He influeneced Social Theory, Social research and the disicpline of Sociology. Max's main intellectual concerns was understanding the process of rationalism, secularization, and disenchantment.

Karl Marx was a German Philosopher, Economist, Sociologist, Historian, Journalist, and a revolutionary socialist. Marx's work in economics laid the basis for current understanding of labour and capital. He also published numerous of books over his lifetime.

Herbert Spencer was an English Philosopher, biologist and anthropologist. He created an all-embracing concept of evolution. Herbert Spencer was the single most intelectual  European of the 19th century. He is best know for the phrase "survival of the fittest," which he wrote in "The Principles of Biology." Survival of the fittest means if you don't apply yourself to the world or community you won't be successful.

I'm using this picture as a symbol for the American Culture, because what better way to represent the United Stats than the American flag. The 50 stars represent all the states. The 13 red stripes represent the original 13 colonies.

Society vs. Culture. Culture can be broken down into tiny bits. We have the American culture. We have an Iowa culture. We have a Lauren's Culture. We have a Lauren's Marathon School Culture, and I'm sure that everyone else has cultures of their own in their homes. We just live in a society where no mater what culture you are you have to follow the same rules, and lived in a more or less ordered community.

Material Culture and Non Material Culture. Material culture can be how you dress, where you live or where you work, or even where you go to school. Non material culture is what you believe in. Like your norms, values, folkways, or mores. It can be anywhere from you're religion or you're language.

Education is a Culture Pattern, because it is something we share all over the world.

Sports is a Culture trait. All cultures have some type of sport. It's not always the same sport.

I think music is a popular a popular culture. Everyone listens to music.  Not the same kind. There is different types of music all of the the world. Some people think some music is good and others think it is bad; it just depends on what you like.

The language we speak is english. It is how we communicate with people in our culture. There are a lot of languages. To many to count. They all mean something to their culture. We may not understand it but they do. Like Spanish..

Norms are shared rules of conduct that tell people how to act in specific situations. When we are in school we all have to follow the same rules, other wise we get in trouble. Like you can't wear hats in school.

Mores are norms that have great significance attached to it. Like a federal law. You get in big trouble for doing something bad. You can't kill anyone.

Folkways are norms that do NOT have great moral significance. Like table manors. They are polite to have, but a lot of people don't follow them.

My video. A guy goes around asking different people what they think American Culture is. I think it is a good video because it's interesting seeing what people think it is.

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