1. Don't give any personal information like, you're phone # or home address.

2. Don't be a cyber bully your self.

3. If your being cyber bullied, ignore it, cause that's what cyber bullies hate.

4. Don't put any inappropate photos or videos.

5. Don't flirt with anybody online.

6. Don't put your friends or family members in danger, meaning don't give there personal information.

7. If you have a web site of you 're own, don't talk about anybody else but you (unless your texting or emailing somebody.[make sure you don't give any of you're personal information]).

8. don't hack anybody else's web sites, for example, on Instagram you give one of your friends your password to your account, then they take a photo of them on your account.

9. Don't trust anybody on the World Wide Web!!! Because if your emailing one of your friends, and tell them your address or phone #, they maybe not even be your friend, it maybe a wanted criminal trying to kill you.

10. If ignoring the cyber bully doesn't help, report a adult you trust like your Mom or, teacher, or maybe even the Police.

Learning and knowing all these 10 internet safety rules is not math class and learning a new trategy, this probably worth you not going to jail or not be the person that hated by everybody. Not kidding, it's a pretty big possibility that you can go to jail for cyber bullying someone. Not only that you need to learn to not be cyber bully, but you need to be able to know how to ignore a cyber bully. Cyber bullying is probably as worst as personal bullying, because in personal, people that you don't even know or, don't even like, can't get your address. So they go on the internet and if they are a computer whizz, on the internet, they look like somebody there not like your friend and can get your address or phone # by phishing you. Now say it's trying to not be someone there not, but make fun of you, if it keeps on going, then you need to report that you're being cyber bullied to a adult you trust for example, your Dad. Or you know what, if it's something serious like flirting with you, then you should contact the Police, if it's that serious. the last thing you should know about internet safety is to trust absolutely anybody, especially on the Internet, which basically saying don't give your personal information. Well, I really hope you guys enjoyed and learned a important lesson on this paragraph: DO NOT CYBER BULLY AND DON'T LET CYBER BULLYS GET TO YOU!!!

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