Greatest Challenge of 8th Grade

The greatest challenge of 8th grade was school sports. This is because of all the time and effort the athletes have to put into there sport while balancing school and other things outside of school.

Events for Track...

There were about 10 meets, 1-2 a week

Practice's were really hard everyday with lots of running

Track meets typically lasted until 8:00 at night

There are always lots of people at the meets so it is very noisy

This is why sports are very hard because of all the time people have to put into sports.....

The hardest part of 8th grade for me was basketball.

Events for Basketball...

We had to go to practice everyday

We had to skip class and miss out work

We had conditioning almost everyday

Tryouts were hard

Some refs were very bad and would call bad calls

We have games every week

Sometimes we don't get home till 9:30.

Sports. They are getting a little out of hand. Kids can't be put under this much pressure. Kids need more break. Practices should be less common down to 3 days a week.