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Bob news is amazing! you can even have your own thing in the paper! please go to kayla for a hire sheet. If you don't want to be hired but you want a page in the news paper then tell us and we will check it add you have a page in the paper! more on the bottom!

draw us a funny pic and it may just be in the paper! look at the cat! Ha,Ha,Ha! hand kayla the paper THE CAT HA,HA,HA! okay HA,HA,HA! okay.

                                                                                     the  bob news people HA,HA,HA!

Fun day is coming up  and so is summer.Here are some ideas,1  go to pool,2 draw,3 go boating or tubing and 4 swim in a lake.thank you

                                                                                                                the bob news people

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