And Then There Were None.... Or is there?

By: Blake Butler

And Then There Were None was also made into a movie and a video game

This is an action packed mystery novel most of you are sure to love! I personally do not like reading, however when I started reading this book I couldn't put it down! You will be guessing who the twisted, but clever person has sent them to this island will be! The bad thing for you is you'll never get it correct until the very end!

  • 10 people go to Indian Island in Devon.
  • One by one they die in the fashion a old nursery rhyme.
  • They are sent there by U.N. Owen. (Unknown)
  • The novel is also copied as Ten Little Indians
  • There are ten little indians sitting on the kitchen table and when one dies a indian dissapears
Agatha Christie
Ten little indians on the kitchen table (video game version)

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