Hangzhou Transportation: An Investigation

Hangzhou is the capital city of Zhejiang province, next to Shanghai. It is known for it's scenic beauty and especially the West Lake, a large freshwater lake in the city.

Hangzhou is a relatively developed city, with advanced healthcare and security and very good living conditions. One of the aspects of development that Hangzhou has undergone is transport, getting around in Hangzhou. This is of particular interest to us as boarding school students in Hangzhou, us using the transport almost every Sunday to go out and about on mini excursions to attractions such as Escape Room or to specific restaurants or just to go to the supermarket.

Many forms of transport are available in Hangzhou, the list includes their line of buses, the Hangzhou Metro, taxis, bicycles, etc. With so many forms to choose from, it is hard for the average journeymaker to choose the best form. This investigation aims to analyse the different methods of transportation and conclude with the best form.

Unfortunately, there is very little graphical data on this subject. Here is a map of the metro system, but it provides little insight into what exactly it looks on an accurate representation of Hangzhou, as metro maps tend to arrange the stations neatly for readability and ease of understanding. Bus route maps could not be found. Taxi and bike ranges do not exist as there is no specified network, and they work based on user command.

Please note that this is not the complete map for the metro system, it is a plan for the complete Hangzhou Metro system, as it has only recently begun construction.

A trip that I make quite regularly is that every Friday for CnS, we take bus number 24 to the Greentown Hospital, which is 3.4 kilometers away, which costs exactly 1 RMB. Compared with a taxi, which has an initial fare of 11 RMB and increases every 1km by 2.6 RMB. If traffic were perfect, the total fare would be 11 + 3 x 2.6, which equals 18.8 RMB, which is 18.8 times more expensive than if you were to take the bus, giving the advantage  to the bus. An advantage that the taxi over the bus, though is the advantage of range.

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