The Southern Colonies

The place to be!

The four marvelous states we know today as Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina (of course), and Virginia were also known as the Southern Colonies.

The Southern colonies are quite warm and rarely ever cold so you won't be losing any toes due to frostbite while your there and it has the longest growing season because of the warm climate and rich soil. Meaning that there is plenty of food to go around, I hope you like meat and veggies. The land in the Southern Colonies also allows a great way to make money by harvesting cash crops.

And while you there you can always build a boat or chop at a tree if you get bored, and you'll get paid for it too. With all the timber around you can build a home no problem. Of corse if you don't want to do that you can always grow tobacco and rice instead.

The climate here is perfect for gardens, so on your way home you could stop and sniff the carnations or more specifically known as the Dianthus Caryophyllus. This flower is common in the Southern Colonies, it has a lovely pink tint to its petals and the leaves are glaucous grayish green to blue-green.

The Southern Colonies are definitely the place to be.

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