Description of the Career

An architect is a person who plans , designs and sees the oversees the construction of buildings. Often, when people hear to word architect, they automatically thinks big buildings and pretty pictures, but that is not always the case. Some architects designs’ houses or schools. Some may seat at a desk all day. Some architects spend most of their time outside visiting construction sites. Some architects draw all day and some architects have don't draw at all. Sometimes an architect can do a little of everything!

Required Skills

In the architectural profession the skills that you are required to learn will take about 5 years which includes, technical knowledge, management, and an understanding of business which is as important as design.These particular skills are required because architects activities ranging from getting the job , solving problems ,estimating costs producing the documents and drawings, and calling the tenders to reviewing the work on the site. Many recent architecture graduates are able to find employment in established architecture firms. They will usually start by assisting more experienced architects before managing projects on their own.

Educational requirements

Introduction to Architecture Class, Design Class, Urban and Regional Planning Class and History Class are the courses you need to take to be an architect. The degree level would be a 5 year bachelors degree, and a NAAB accredited college.Degree field would be architecture.Licensure and/or Certification must pass all sections of the ARE; additional NCARB certification is recommended. Also you can forget to complete an internship( this is one of the most important things to accomplish before you start your architect career). One college that would meet the educational requirements would be Cornell University. This university offers two NAAB accredited degrees: the Bachelor of Architecture ( 176 undergraduate credits) and the Master of Architecture 1 ( pre-professional degree plus 144 graduate credits).

Salary (Incomes) Expectations

When you first start out in the career of architecture, lets just say that you will not be making $72,550 as an Architectural Intern. The lowest 10% earns less than $42,860, while the highest 10% earns more than $119,000. You can expect to earn over $113,000 if you have been doing it for several years.


Future outlook

Getting a job in architecture is very competitive. Most architectural schools has a heavy emphasis on algebra, physical sciences, geometry,  and trigonometry. To be an architect, you are going to face constant competition between your colleague, yourself, your professor, and some architects you have never seen before. You should try to go to architecture school first, if you make it through the third year and you don't like it then you need to get out because it will not be changed in the professional field. Architecture jobs in the Unites States would be roughly about 105,847 ( licensed). Architecture does have a big future ahead of it although architecture firms will have to focus on a financial and business approach rather than predominantly design-led offices. The employment of architects is expected to increase by 16 percent between 2008 and 2018, which is faster than the average for all occupations.As the population continues to grow, people will be needing to find places to live and work.


There are a lot of reasons why being an architect might appeal to someone. Here are some of the reasons why architecture might appeal to someone. People wouldn't be able to survive, anticipate and prepare for an unknown future. Imagine a world of pessimist designers, planning for the worst. That world be a world without architects. Architects transform chaos into order and give the world meaning. They think differently. They also create the places that inspire and where we live out and realize our dreams and destiny. Architects give others something inspiring to aspire to. They see the big picture and makes a better place for all of us.

Similar Careers to Your Chosen Career

If someone wanted to use the same skills and do similar work as an architect, and couldn’t find work , they could be a building surveyor, higher education lecturer, production designer, structural engineer, or a interior designer and many more.

Why You Picked this Career to Explore

I picked this career because I want to do something that will help bring out some of the creativity in me. I want to be able to help people and to make them happy. I think that it is fascinating how people get the ideas to build and shape the world into something a little more interesting. I think I would be a good fit for this career because I am creative and I pay attention to details. I like to draw and I also have a good eye when it comes to taking pictures. I often see things that others might not. Although I will admit that I do not have a lot of patience and my strategy skills are not all that great , but I am determined to fix that because becoming an architect is my dream.

Fallingwater House  created by Frank Lloyd Wright( an architect)


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