How Was the D-Day Invasion Successful?

By: Danny Nguyen

The D-Day invasion was a raid by the allied powers that released all of northern France from the control of the Nazis (June, 6th 1944), otherwise known as the Normandy Invasion. During World War 2 the Nazi's party conquered most of Europe, however the Allied powers made a great successful invasion called the D-Day invasion and regained northern France at the start of the raid. The Allied powers also broke into Cotentin Peninsula and headed to Cherbourg, which was the last bastion in Cotentin Peninsula that fell on June 28th 1944. Cotentin Peninsula was a heavily guarded city in France, and Cherboug was the last place they demolished. Operation Cobra was a strategic tactic that used an air plane bombardment  followed by the U.S. army to rush in. This successful operation was used to surround the Germans in Normandy from the back.

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This attack included dropping many explosives from air planes into the area. They were mostly targeting and destroying roads, bridges, and other transportation structures. Well thought out attack by Eisen Hower, displays how well prepared they were for this raid. Eisen Hower also thought about their supplies and sent an order to bomb their supply ships.This is thought to be the greatest amphibious operation in military history.

Modern Day Connection

I connected to a book that was made recently in April 29th 2014, this is a modern day connection because this is about the invasion of D-Day as a story and is taken from a solider's perspective during the war. Just like this story, there are many or even hundreds of stories on wars or invasions. Books are for the society to read, so it is connected to modern society. Furthermore, without the books or films like this book, we would probably not have known more or could have seen it from a solider's perspective.

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