Game Assessment Questions

Question 1: The groups involved were the United States, Government of Guatemala, Army and Wealthy, Guerillas and the Peasants. In the beginning the Army and Wealthy had the most power.

Question 2: The power shifted to the Guerillas once again the game had started. The Guerillas quickly made alliances with other groups and earned more MSU then the Army and Wealthy, which then made the Guerillas have power in Guatemala.

Question 3: The conflict in the game was that the Guerillas once had power of Guatemala until the Army and Wealthy took it over. The Guerillas wanted to take back Guatemala. The Guerillas made alliances with other countries to get them on their side so they will vote for them in the election. So then they could over rule the Army and Wealthy and the Guerillas could take back what once was there's.

Question 4: The role that the United States had was that they're are the most powerful country in the world. So if they didn't like the way how the election was going in Guatemala they could pick their own candidates or if power shifted and the new leaders changed the election the United States could say no to that and they could do the election the way they wanted to.

Question 5: When power shifts in countries it could be both positive or negative. If the people like the new power then they're happy and they see good things happening in the future for their country. On the other hand people may not like the new power and they could turn violent to try to get rid of the new power. It can cause conflicts between countries if other countries don't like the new power and the new power leader might harm their people if they go crazy on trying to get rid of the power. It could go either way but I think power shift can be negative in many ways.

Question 6: In my life conflict and cooperation exist with my siblings. I am the oldest and have two younger siblings, a brother and sister. The conflict with my younger sister is she likes to come into my room and play with my curtains. The cooperation is I eventually kick my sister out of my room or my mom will get her out of my room. Another example of conflict and cooperation in my life is that my brother likes to always play the video games and not share. We end up fighting because I want a turn at playing the games but my brother still won't give up the games. The cooperation we come to is either I take the games out of his hands so I can have my turn or my mom will tell him to let me have a turn.

I found this game to be very important for us to see and live in. As a class we were able to see what it's like to live in a non democracy government and we saw how arguments can play out between government groups and non government groups. I saw that other governments from different countries have a say in others power. I learned that it can be challenging to get people to vote for you and be on your side for your views on things in a country. I also saw that it is challenging to even keep people on your side and not let other groups of people take away your supporters. As a whole we all learned that fighting for a certain government party or group can very challenging and realistic in the real world.

A real life scenario is the problems with Syria. Syria was being accused of using chemical weapons and other atrocities. In September of 2013 President Obama was looking for military action to be voted for in the help for Syria but the voting was delayed when Syria claimed they would surrender their weapons. The U.S wants Bashar al - Assad out of power in Syria, just like the Guerillas wanted the Army and Wealthy out of power in Guatemala, and to push for transitional government.

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