Frederick Douglass Mini-Research Assignment

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad

          Before Harriet married John Tubman, her named was Araminta Ross. While Tubman was escaping, she followed the North Star to Pennsylvania to Philadelphia. Tubman came back to save the others, she carried a gun with her to threaten her fugitives if they decided to back out or was too tired to move on, she will tell them "you'll be free or die".  Tubman didn't want to risk the others and her life because one person. She made 19 trips to Maryland and helped 300 people plus her families. The reward added up to $40,000. Tubman was known as the "Moses of Her People". She has never failed to delivered her passenger to safety. Tubman was illiterate, she was once an escapee.  Now she work for the union as a cook, a nurse, and even a spy.

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