Transitive Verb. To make or declare something sacred.
SACER "sacred"

The army general consecrated the battlegrounds during the ceremony to commemorate the soldiers who lost their lives that day.


Noun. A sacred place; any place of refuge.

SANCTUS "holy"

The beautiful church was complete with an enormous sanctuary, prayer room, and children's ministry.


Noun. A group organized by rank
HIEROS "holy" "sacred" "supernatural"

In monarchies, the hierchy is very important because it determines, in the event of the monarch's death, who will become king or queen.


Transitive Verb. To make amends for; to atone for.
PIO,PIARE,PIAVI,PIATUM "to appease" "to purify (with sacred rights)"

Tom attempted to expiate his rude behavior by sending flowers to his girlfriend and writing her a sweet apology note.

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