Grade 7
By: "Olly" Oliver.D

Chemistry, the study of matter.

Basically studying matter or "stuff" which make up the universe. These matter are made of atoms and molecules, tiny little spheres or balls. Though these particles are small, they are important, part of the building blocks of matter: <I mean like it's like everything is a puzzle and that fits together>: which make up different things:

Well there are 3 types of matter> solids, liquids, gases.

- Solids: the atoms are more tightly combined which make this wall. Dense the object is more atoms are squished or compacted. The strong force they are only moved when the vibration of all the atoms are, this is why a solid keeps it's shape.

-Liquids: This is different: <The atoms are more sparse> The molecules in this matter are in motion, though they are still strong enough to hold the state (the matter's shape). Though the molecules are still attracted to one-another they still can be separated (Their shape can be shaped or moved)>

-Gases. Now this is way different than both the two types of matter, in fact they aren't really a shape due to the structure of it's atoms. The atoms are more sparse and movable, no attraction between atoms.

Chemistry is everything!
3 States of Matter (Not including Plasma)

Now the temperature and heating with these states are very interesting, the atoms sort of change in motion and their attraction is getting compact or sparse.

Heat or Temperature?

Heat, a form of energy <E>, such reactions are sources of warmth (with <E>). Also are the heat molecules (or atoms) which are crazy fast, with more vibration, Temperature is the measurement of the heat molecules (yet again, atoms), with the object. Okay, there are 3 types of heating (Q'?", No it's not the same as matter types but it does relate what form it takes with heating): Temperature is not hot nor cold, it's just a measurement (like I said).

Conduction is where heat is transferred directly to the object from the heat source. Like the hot surface of a stove when you touch it, Ow! Don't try that (it's very hot!)

Convection is where heat transferred

Radiation is when heat is transferred through light where energy beams through the waves of spectrum. ex.: The sun is a radiator (w/ radiation to heat things)

Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy

Kinetic energy= Energy with the association with the objects act by it's motion or in movement. Like the force of water pushing or flowing with you with it as like an ex. . Potential= Energy is the objects way in it's position when in the way of force.

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