this is one of rio de haneiros statue.+

rio de janerio is known for carnival because its were you can see the best carnival ever also known for the world cup.

rio de janeiro at sunset. at sunset everything looks pretty because at sunset its orange and the picture shows how you would live at rio. every single day live that it would be amazing!!!

at the picture there are a group of people going for adventure and wanting to explore rio de janeiro if you see it closely you can see all the people very surprised.

at rio de janeiro the re will always be hot .

hotel Copacabana is one of the best hotels you could ever be in because there service is the best they are always there for you and they bring everything to you when you ask it and when you want it.

this is some types of food that you can find at the restaurant ETTORE. Ettore is one of the best restaurants ever created in the world and it has a very good service.

oglobo is a very known news paper and a its also a very bought newspaper.

about 20,000 people at night weighting for the fireworks to start. at rio you can see the best fireworks you could even imagine the noice the colors and the people you are with.

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