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Douglas Delaney of Bluffton, SC is an a highly experienced, future planning attorney currently serving as the head lawyer for his firm called, Delaney Law Firm, PA. The firm is based in Bluffton, South Carolina, and it offers service related to estate planning, trusts, last wills, trustee and fiduciary representation, taxation, real estate, litigation and financial wealth planning. They are a family oriented business with the ability to provide unique life plans in order to give people peace of mind concerning the future of their family. Before becoming the head attorney for his own practice, he began his career as an Internal Auditor for USX US Steel in 1989. For two years he worked in corporate accounting in Pittsburgh providing assistance with SEC filings and later served as a staff auditor conducting audits for US Steel and Marathon Oil Company at various locations around the United States. In 1991, Douglas Delaney pursued his law degree at the prestigious University of South Carolina School of Law and was awarded his diploma in 1994. After he had graduated from law school, he pursued his Master of Laws degree in taxation from the University of Florida College of Law in 1994. He was awarded this degree in 1995, only a year later.

Douglas Delaney Bluffton SC is an estate planning attorney who cares for the people he serves within the state of South Carolina. Not only does he provide for families by helping them to secure their futures, through last wills, trusts and elder law advice, but he also helps American charities by providing organizations with the funds they need to survive through asset loans. Douglas Delaney of Bluffton, SC is the Managing Director and Founder of CHIRA USA, LLC. CHIRA USA, LLC, provides intellectual property guidance and education to highly qualified, top producing financial and insurance professionals related to the CHIRA USA, LLC charitable planned giving concept. CHIRA is a planning concept that helps create the ability for an individual to loan assets within their IRA for the benefit of charity with repayment funded by life insurance owned by the charity.

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