Sally of colors

Sally with blonde hair as golden as a king’s throne,

Sally of blue eyes brighter than the sun,

Sally whose parents give her away to someone else for money.

Trying to forget the memories,

Struggling to understand,

Remembering the last time she saw her parents,

Keeping the hurt inside,

Brushing the fragments of happiness aside.

Sally walks on the sidewalk,

Watching the fathers and sons playing sports,

And mothers and daughters hanging the clothes to dry,

And examining the traditions of family game night.

Sally inside felt alone,

Inside she felt miserable,

Inside she was silent,

Inside, is the same person she’d seen every day of her life.

Walking past the brick homes,

She found her home,

The most welcoming home on the block

Colored of gold and blank white,

With strokes of red,

And fencing with vines crawling down the sides.

But inside of that home, she was ignored by her new parents and siblings.

Walking towards the home,

She glanced once more to see what she could have had.

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