'Suits' season 5 spoilers: Rachel-Mike wedding not happening, Donna not ready to move on

"Suits" season 4 ended on a low note for Harvey Specter, with Donna deciding to leave him and becoming Louis Litt's secretary instead. It broke Harvey's heart and fans are waiting to see how this dynamic between them will play out in the new season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show has found a match for Harvey come season 5. Actress Christina Cole will be joining the cast and she will play Dr. Paula Agard, a psychiatrist who graduated from Harvard. Dr. Agard specializes in high-end corporate consulting and there will be a lot of going back and forth between her and Harvey.

Does adding a new woman in Harvey's life hint that Donna and Harvey are moving on after what happened in the season finale? Show creator Aaron Korsh highly doubts it.

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"If she [Donna] was really fully ready to move on, she wouldn't have gone to work for someone within the firm, she would have left," he said. "So subconsciously I don't think she's ready to move on and maybe she is hoping this gets Harvey to change his mind or see her in a certain way."

Korsh also told Yahoo! that Donna is choosing to focus on herself right now. Leaving Harvey doesn't mean that she no longer cares for him, it just means that she cares for herself more this time.

Also in season 5, actor Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey in the series, wants to have more of his character's family members in the show.

"I would like to see more of that. I did have a conversation with Aaron [Korsh, creator] who mentioned that to me. He was sort of leaning into that ... because he loved the dynamic between Harvey and [his brother] Marcus," Macht told TVFanatic.

As for Mike's proposal to Rachel, the question remains if there will be wedding bells in the fifth season.

Korsh teased, "You know, sometimes you get engaged, and it takes a year to plan a wedding and then you have a wedding. So I don't think every episode is going to be about their nuptials, but it does exist. We don't ignore it."

Mike and Rachel won't have it smooth either. According to spoilers, Robert Zane will appear in the next season and will be involved legally and this will complicate Rachel and Mike's relationship.

As for Jessica, she will remain strong despite the heartbreak she suffered. She knows that the firm is her priority now and she won't let it go down despite all the drama there is.

"Suits" season 5 returns on June 24, 9 p.m,. on USA Network.

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