Brighton Beach Memoirs

The Great Depression

The Great Depression took place on October 29,1929 and ended , The causes of The Great Depression is the crash of the stock market, another is bank failures, Reduction in Purchasing Across the Board, American Economic Policy with Europe, and Drought Conditions. Every effect on the Great Depression were big across the world, not only did it lead into the New Deal in America but more importantly , it was a direct cause of the rise of dedication in Germany leading to world war 2.

College In The 1930's

Room and Board: $520
Text-books: $35
Others: $260

Some of the major differences are the prices of the room and board , text books , and all the things you will need. The rules were different, for example, No guys were allowed in a lady's room , they had a curfew of 10pm and you could get expelled if you were caught breaking these rules.

The price of gas was 10 cents.

The cost of everyday foods was about 20 cents.

Apology Letter

Dear Mr Stroheim,

I am truly sorry for the way i acted earlier, i have been going through a rough time lately, my father just got laid off so therefore i am the only income in my household. I have no idea what i was thinking i just did what i did because you were the only person around me that i can actually let my anger out on even though it wasn't the best way to let it out.

I really need this job back and i know i messed up but i promise you i wont do it again, i am begging you for this job back i have already let down my family a lot and all i know is that if i do not get this job back i will not only let down my family but we will loose our home and all the other necessities needed as well.

I will work extremely hard just s

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