Success Presentation (40 pts.)

Outliers:  The Story of Success

The Assignment

  • Select an “outlier” in our society (one not discussed in the book)— may be living or dead
  • Research his/her accomplishments, family background, schooling, etc.
  • You must use reliable/accurate resources (a great source is Biography Resource Center on our library webpage)
  • Create and present a Tackk with relevant images and information (and cite all information using MLA style) :
  1. Accomplishments
  2. Relevant information about family background and schooling
  3. Direct connection to at least one of Gladwell’s arguments about success (mention chapter, include at least one quote from the text)
  4. At least one relevant visual (i.e. chart, graph, image)
  5. Works Cited page for images and information (including Outliers)

Focus Areas

Effective use of visuals (5)
Accurate, specific connection to Gladwell’s argument (15)
Effective use of research/specifics (10)
MLA citation of sources (in-text & W.C.) (5)
Eye contact with full group (5)
*TOTAL (40 pts.)

Good luck!