Eytan Baer

Vermont Student and Athlete

About Eytan Baer

Currently a student at St. Johnsbury Academy in Vermont, Eytan Baer is planning to attend Johnson and Wales University in North Miami, Florida, where he will study event management. Born in Israel, he also lived in Switzerland prior to moving to the United States. Outside of academics, Eytan Baer stays active in both outdoor and indoor track. He participates in the high jump, javelin throw, shot put, and the 100- and 200-meter dashes. He once made the school’s shot put record with 44 feet and 9 inches. He also competes in Brazilian Jui Jitsu, having earned second place in the Swiss Championship in 2010, in addition to participating in his high school ski team.

With his remaining free time, Eytan Baer enjoys volunteering; he logged more than 50 hours of philanthropic work in 2013. He also appreciates fine art, with a preference for modern art and sculptures and a fondness for Chihuly, a Seattle-based glass blower who uses bright colors.

Wind Tunnel Flying

Studying Stateside, Eytan Baer regularly visits his home country of Switzerland. When Eytan Baer is home, he enjoys trips to the the mountains and visiting Body Flying, an establishment that offers wind tunnel flying.

Simulating sky diving, wind tunnel flying uses a five-blade propeller to create a vertical stream of airflow that lifts people from the ground. To protect them during flight, wind tunnel companies provide flight suits, goggles, and helmets that must be worn by all participants. Additionally, a certified instructor guides individuals through entry and exit procedures as well as techniques to manipulate body movement while inside the tunnel.

To participate in wind tunnel flying, people should be healthy and not suffer from joint, back, neck, or shoulder issues. It is also recommended that a person be over 5 years of age. While athletic ability can make a difference in how a person experiences wind tunnel flight, previous participation and knowledge of parachute jumping and extreme sports is not necessary.

The Benefits of Participating in Sports While in High School

A new student at Johnson and Wales University in North Miami, Florida, Eytan Baer graduated high school with honors from St. Johnsbury Academy. While in school, Eytan Baer excelled at a wide range of sports, and was on the school’s indoor and outdoor track team and its Alpine skiing team. Among his achievements was a school record for the shot-put.

Participating in school-based sports in high school is beneficial for a variety of reasons. One is that it teaches students about community representation. School sports teams are often strongly supported by the community, so students have the chance to experience praise for wins and disapproval for losses. Playing sports during high school also has health benefits, since it keeps students active and maintains fitness. Regular exercise prevents obesity and decreases students’ likelihood of using drugs – or becoming teen parents.

Several studies have also linked participation in high school sports with improved grade-point averages. Student-athletes typically miss fewer school days than their non-athletic peers, and often perform better in the areas of social studies, math, science, and language arts. Additionally, student-athletes learn about the importance of patience, practice, and persistence, and about working hard to achieve goals. These lessons are often not taught in the classroom alone, and help students succeed in college and later in life.

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