Thomas Alva Edison
by Ian Scaffidi

Thomas Alva Edison was born in Milan, Ohio on February 11, 1847.  School was hard for him because he lost most of his hearing when he was little.  This may have been caused by scarlet fever.   When he was little he read a lot of books and thanked his mother for teaching him.

One of his best inventions was the light bulb.  The light bulb was a good thing because back then you house would have a lot of candles. The light bulb made things brighter and was safer.

Another thing he made was the phonograph. That is a good thing to record what you say or music.  The phonograph allowed things to be saved and played later.  The phonograph was a big thing for music.

Thomas Edison had a lot of inventions and turned out to be a great person. He invented 1,093 things in his life.  Thomas Edison became famous for the light bulb, but he also had many inventions that didn’t work.  

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