A red giant starts in a stellar nebula while going through the stellar nebula my star was a bit scared at first but then he found out that he was going  to be an awesome red giant.


being a protostar wasn't bad at all i was still with all my friends it was actually fun being a protostar.

Main sequence star

being a main sequence star was awesome i could do a lot of things now that i was a teen.

Red giant star

being a red giant was kind of hard because now i was taking care of my solar system.   

Planetary nebula

Being a planetary nebula sucked because i was burning up but my core is still here i want it to stop.

White dwarf

being a white dwarf wasn't so bad because the pain stopped but now im all alone

Black dwarf

being a black dwarf sucks i am very lonely i am kind of dead to so yeah this sucks.

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