EDU 210

Key Concepts

Students will explore their own worldviews.

It is expected that students will:

- appreciate how a society’s worldview shapes individual citizenship and identity.


Over the unit in Ideologies for Social Studies 30-1, students will develop an understanding of their own worldviews, and also begin to decode their environment to perceive political ideologies or worldviews.

Students will use these apps to create a

Bit Strips for Schools

What is Bit Strips for Schools?

Bit Strips for Schools is a comic/avatar generator which can be used as a form of redefinition and transformation of the learning experience. It is easy, engaging, and allows for the representation of knowledge, but also for the students to express their own knowledge. It increases visual and media literacy, as well as developing critical thinking skills.

How will I use it?

Bit Strips for Schools could be used to represent historical figures giving speeches on their ideologies. Marx, Engels, the Enlightenment thinkers, or even Louis Riel could all share their philosophies in an engaging and fun way, and while it still maintains behaviorist principles, it changes the traditional format into one which can be absorbed and retained more readily.


What is Audioboo?

Audioboo is an app which allows users to create, upload, and share podcasts. This medium allows students to redefine through technology the ability to enrich, extend, and engage their learning through diverse sources on the site, as well as giving them a voice.

How will I use it?

I could  use it as an augmentation for audio recordings of handouts for audio centered learners, and could be seen as a constructivist technology. I could also use this app for this assignment to allow students to give their personal responses to Ideologies, which would create a differentiated product.

Exit Ticket

What is Exit Ticket?

Exit Ticket is a student response app which allows for real-time evaluation and differentiation of instruction, which can improve student performance.

How will I use It?

As students progress through the Bit Strips and Audioboo sources of information, especially if they are used in class, Exit Ticket could be used to assess their understanding of the material immediately, and address any problems as they arise.

Talking Tom & Ben News

What is Talking Tom & Ben News?

The Talking Tom & Ben News app allows students to create their own news through the avatars, and record their own voices for the characters to speak.This allows students to differentiate their process of coming to understand the topic, either through the teacher creating a news bulletin, or the students responding with their own creation.

How will I use it?

This tool allows for learning to be engaging, expressive, and could be used to summarize a biography, or relate current events. It could be used for this assignment for a response facilitation, allowing students to vocalize their thoughts about  the cross-section of ideologies and current events.

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What is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo-sharing app which allows students to alter and share photos to either a public, or private, network of connections.

How Will I use Instagram?

For this assignment, I thought Instagram would be perfect to allow students to capture images, or symbols, of what they consider worldviews or political ideologies and share with the class. These symbols could be both taken with a mobile camera, or uploaded, but they would pertain to the specific ideologies covered in class, differentiating their form of process. This library would then be added to the overall project by the end of the course as a differentiated form of product.

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