My winter vaction

Winter break, Mr. Sayler, Patrick Mathew,1-14-14

Why did it end so soon?

This was propley the best Christmas vacation ever! Not only was I out of school. But I got everything I wanted for Christmas! Which was toy story 2 & 3, Toy story 3 PS2 game, Toy story Figures, Sonic lost world, Pokémon Y, and Puss in boots. And each day was very relaxing. Until the snow storm came. Once the snow storm came everything just want down hill. There was nothing to do, I couldn't go outside, and it was just plain boring. However after the snow storm we had my grandma's annual Christmas party. And that's when I got my biggest gift, a small wide HD TV. I can now watch TV in High Definition. Also, my sister help me get wireless wifi. Everything during the Christmas vaction was great, Except the storm. Before I knew it the vaction was over and I was back here. Great...

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