Tommy Rouse

Favorite Class

Foods Class, All of my friends are in that class and it is a great, fun way to learn cooking.

Favorite Food

Bojangles chicken. I Love the combination of that tangy chicken with that sweet southern tea.

Last Book

The last book i read was The Diary of Anne Frank. It really cool because you actually get to understand how everything happend from a child`s perspective.

Favorite Book

My favorite book is probably any of the Julie B. Jones books. Those books are great to read over and over and over and over.

Favorite Movie

I have a lot of favorite movies, i love all types of movies,comedies, action, adventure, sad, scary ect. My number one movies is probably titanic. My family and i usually take a cruise once a year so i know i cruise ships work. I love watching that movie and pointing out the things that cruise lines have changed. I love the love story as well, but lets face it. There was room for both of them on that piece of wood.

Favorite Artist

Chase Rice!


All things apple. I love working with apple products and seeing what i break and put back together.

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