School Expectations: The Tardy Project

why being on time is essential

be on time!

Step 1:  START - think about and respond to the following questions

1.  In each of your classes, how many times have you been tardy this school year?

2.  How do you feel when you are tardy/late to class or school?  Why do you feel this way?

3.  Do you believe that students who are tardy often perform differently than students who are generally on time?  Why or why not?

Step 2.  Video - "The Tardy Project

Watch the video, beginning at 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Step 3:  Discussion

After the video, we will discuss the following questions:

1.  How is the high school depicted in the picture different from Rocky Mount High School?  How are the two high schools alike?

2.  How many minutes do you have to transition between classes here?  Do you believe this is really enough time for students?  Why or why not?

3.  We  have a rigid 'tardy policy' in place at RMHS, but do you think there should be such stringent consequences for being tardy?  Is being tardy REALLY a big deal?

Step 4:  Read the Article

Select the first link below to read the article.  Use your metacognitive markers as you read through the text.  Also, use R-A-F-T to identify the role-audience-format-topic for a class discussion.

Afterwards, you make select the 'rewordified' article to help you understand vocabulary you were not able to figure out using context clues.

Did you learn any new words that need to be added to the FANCY WORDS word wall?

Step 5: Writing

Assignment: Write a letter to the students at the elementary or middle school explaining why it is important to be on time in high school and how s/he can prevent being tardy.

If you type your document and submit in online - go to drop it to me and use the password "tmmath"

Step 6: Action

Engage in your normal routine and using your watch or phone  time yourself from this class to your next class.  How long did it take you before you were seated and ready for instruction?

Step 7: Response

Sign in to today's meet and respond to the question, "Do you think 5 minutes is a sufficient amount of time to transition from one class to another? Why or why not?"