As you know or you may know, I am a currently training to become an amateur boxer. I started boxing in March of 2014 and it just started as finding something extra to do instead of sitting on the couch. Trying a new sport was my way of finding my talent. Now, all the skill comes in with how hard you train. You must have speed, defense, conditioning/cardio, and strength. Training is hard and it takes a lot of hours being the gym. To box, and any other sport, takes dedication and self-motivation. Some days you just want to give up because you don't see improvement right away or it's just too hard. Remember the training will pay off in the long run and even if you don't become a boxer, it is still a great workout.

Then you need the self-motivation. You should see the look on other's faces when I first tell them I box. A lot people underestimate my skill because I'm a girl who is considered skinny and weak. When others estimate you, you have to at least believe in yourself. Prove others wrong, you are capable of doing it! You have to push those negative opinions into motivation. While you may be sitting there judging me, I'm in the gym training to be the best I can be ... now tell me who's really winning?

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