Breathtaking destinations 2: Banff National Park

Thinking about what I can do on my holiday here in Canada, Banff National Park was not in the possible destination. Toronto was the first option, but the expensive prices for a ticket discarded the plan to travel to this big city. Perhaps, the nostalgic for seeing mountains was the motivation to find a place similar to my country. Researching some backpacker websites, the Rocky Mountains appeared on the horizon. Banff was the first National Park create in Canada and third in the world. This park is one of the most important destinations in North America, with 6,641 square kilometres of valleys, mountains, glaciers, forests, meadows and rivers.

However, to choose a trail, campground or hiking is not easy in a place as Banff. Lake Louise, Moraine Lake or Mount Assiniboine are example of this. In the case of Lake Louise is the most famous sight in Banff, if not the whole Canadian Rockies. Approximately 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) end to end and 70 meter deep, the lake is recognized for its blue water, produced by light reflection. My option, so far, is take the overnight hike Egypt Lake. This trail of 3 day round trip and 24.8 kilometers long has a moderate difficult. It is and ideal introduction to the world of the backcountry, crossing lakes and mountains. Backcountry visitors have a special responsibility to minimize their impacts on the park. Some measures are necessary to maintain the nature for future generations:

All food, garbage, and cooking equipment must be suspended from the food storage cables provide at campsites.

Stay on the trail.

Wash well away from any lakes, streams or rivers and keep the use of soap to a minimum.

Consider campfires a luxury and bring a stove.

Sources: Parks Canada & Lonely Planet

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3 years ago

This place seems wonderful! I wish I had time to go there! I know some people who went there and they told me it is fantastic!

3 years ago

I will travel next week to Banff. I hope to see these wanderful landscapes soon.