Intro to Mythology
by Margaret Tissier

What is a myth?

A myth is a story that is created to give people, places, and different things values. Myths were created to fill our need for reassurance about the universe.

Who is Aphrodite?

Aphrodite is the goddess of pleasure, beauty, and love. Aphrodite is known for being the most attractive goddess of the Olypian's. Her symbol is the girdie, the seashell, and the mirror

What is a mythical creature or beast?

A mythical creature or beast is basically a beast or creature being used in folklore or myths. For example there is Yinglong. Yinglong is a powerful dragon who is a servant for Huangdi, who happened to be the yellow emperor that later turned into a dragon himself.

Example of a myth….

Hera the Greek Goddess that married Zeus never liked her step-son, Hercules the hero… When he was born she sent snakes to attack him. When Hercules was older, Hera made some of the people in the Amazon angry at Hercules when he was on a quest. Another myth about Hera states she got revenge against Zeus for having affairs with several other women.

Modern day connection…

The famous Apollo that took off in space was named after the greek god Apollo. Apollo was the god of prophecy and music.

Another connection....

Greek started a democracy and the United States still uses a democracy where all citizens have the right to have power.

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