• Brittany Avery NCGP
  • RN Interview questions

    ð What made you choose nursing as a career?

    o I choose nursing as a career because I have good people skills; I found it a way to give back. I was the nurture of my social group. I was the one friends came to, to ask questions.

    ð How has your training prepared you for a nursing career?

    o It thought me characteristics of a health care worker, legal aspects and skills to provide total patient care

    ð What interest you about nursing?

    o I like the education component of it, and being able to help patient to understand diagnose, procedures etc.

    ð Would there be any part of the hospital that you would’ve want to work in but you didn’t ever get the chance?

    o The emergency room, because they would’ve been alots of changes no two days would’ve been exactly alike, I like changes

    ð How would you handle a patient who constantly complains about pain?

    o Usually I fount, that just spending time with , making direct contact , listening would help deal with the complaining

    ð What do you find difficult about being a nurse?

    o Not having the time spending with the patient, because of all the paper work

    ð What facilities / departments in the hospital have you worked in?

    o Psychiatric, perinatal education, surgical unit, and recovery room

    ð What was something you like most about nursing?

    o Being able to establish a relationship with patient and families. And feeling like I made a difference during a difficult time with that patient

Signature: Danna Banning, RN Date: 10/30/13

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