by Jerry Spinelli

The theme is that bullying has a simple solution: get to know someone before you judge them.

I can connect to this because a lot of people that I know are made fun of or bullied. In 6th grade my friend was made fun of for being "weird". After they said that it made him feel bad. But then they actually got to know him and we started to hang out together.

This novel is very inspiring for kids and even young adults. It shows that bullying could be stopped if people actually tried to learn about each other, and bullying might not be such a problem. I thought that this book was great. I would recommend this book to anyone because it contains a vey important life lesson, that everyone could learn from.

I chose this picture because it represents what happened to Crash the main character. He was popular until he bullied another student and lost his popularity.

As Damian Lillard would say this book is "perfection".


"Could've fooled me." pg.24  I think this shows Crash already dislikes Penn and his family.

"I've seen that kid do some weird stuff." pg.42  This quote reveals that Crash thinks of Penn as being weird.

"Mike called and asked if I had seen the story. I said no, so I could hear him read it to me over the phone." pg.97  When I read this I automatically knew that Crash was arrogant. He definitely did not show any humility.

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