Catherine Potter

all about me:

I was born in Wilson, North Carolina on August 6, 1998.  I have an older sister, Casey, who is 20 years old.  She goes to East Carolina University as a digital media major.  My mother, Christine, works in merchant services at BB&T. My father, Ray, sells cars at Lee Motor Company off of 301 in Wilson.  I am a junior at James B. Hunt High School.  I recently got a pet hedgehog named Harley.  Elementary through middle school i performed in Act For Youth Shows.  My first play I was Gretel, the youngest of seven children, from the Sound of Music. When I was ten years old my parents took my sister and I to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  My mom and I rode all of the roller coasters there at Disney. This year will be my third year on the Hunt Swimming Team. I used to swim for the Wilson Barracudas; where i swam for five years there.  When I graduate From Hunt I would like to be an international and comparative politics major at The University of East Carolina.       this is a link to my favorite song.

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