The Moon's Importance

                                                        Anthony Guzman

                                                                2nd hour

              The Moon's Role

There are many amazing thing about the moon. First, that the moon and the sun control the tides. Second, that the moon phases are crated by the moon reflecting the sun's light. Third, that eclipses are made by alignments of the moon, the sun, and earth. To conclude the moon is amazing.

The phases of the moon are interesting for several reasons. First, during the moon phases we only see one side of the moon. Second, the moon phases occur because of the Moon's revolution. Third, they affect us because when a full moon is up our behavior changes. In conclusion the moon phases are interesting.

Tides are also interesting in many ways. First, there are two types of tides neap and spring. Second, the occur because the gravitational pull of the moon and sun. Third they affect us by making the water level change though out the day. To sum up tides are interesting.

Eclipses are amazing for many reasons. First, they only happen when the moon, sun, and earth are perfectly aligned. Second, there are two types lunar and solar. Third, they earth by casting a shadow on it or changing the color of the moon. To conclude eclipses are amazing.

The moon is important for several reasons. First, without it we wouldn't have nap tides. Second, the moon gives us eclipses. Third, the night would be completely dark. To sum up the moon is important.

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