Schools of the future

Evaluate the likelihood of each of these technologies succeeding or failing in schools.

Interactive Whiteboards

Here we can see the future of classroom white boards

Interactive white boards are used in every school across America the white boards make it easier for teachers to be able to teach and for students to be able to understand learning in a more visual way.Students are able to interact with the teachers and be able to learn visually


  • Teachers are able to teach more effective.
  • Students are able to learn more about technology.
  • Easy for teachers to use no hassle.
  • Students with special needs are able to use them easy.


  • Sometimes can be very costly.
  • Students will loose interest after a certain time frame.
  • Can create clutter within the classroom.
  • The white boards are often PC friendly and not mac friendly which can cause a problem for classrooms that only use mac computers.

Tablet usage within the classroom

For the youtube video glass made in a day, here we can see a young student using a interactive workstation from connecting her tablet to her desk. Students can be able to learn with viewing of hands on activities as well as the ability to view what the teacher is teaching without any problems.


  • Tablets are efficient in schools.
  • Easy to keep up with textbooks and the usage of applications for education.
  • Helps students to be able to keep up with current events.
  • Teaches them responsibility to keep up with their stuff.
  • Teaches students also organization skills.


  • Easily gets broken if misused.
  • Costs can become a problem.
  • Sometimes create easy distractions.
  • Can create the digital divide within the classrooms.
  • Tablets can freeze and crash as well as battery life can be a problem as well.

The picture above illustrates how tablets will be used within the classroom to show organization and workmanship. To help improve educational usage there should be a blacklist created to help keep educational usage. The Student work station can also go along with blended learning. Blended learning is the incorporation of technology through Education to show children a more clear approach of the curricular that teachers have to be able to teach.

Within the usage of technology blended learning is now being incorporated within schools to help students to be able to learn better. the blended learning is composed with 3 main parts into 3 or less sub parts that are hardware devices. The 3 main parts are Internet, Mobile& Handheld computing, Tablet& Laptop Computing these are the three main components that are used with classroom learning. these components help students to learn visually as well as learn through hands on activities virtually( occasionally). These devices are used to help place educational software into action. 

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