Enjoy All That Galapagos Islands Tour Have To Offer

Galapagos has been declared a UNESCO Heritage Site and with good reason. These islands and the surrounding marine reserve make up what is called a living museum that best show cases evolution. What better way to enjoy the islands of Galapagos but by Galapagos cruises? Just imagine, you don’t have to return to a certain island to go back to your hotel. You can save time and enjoy the beauty of the waters on a Galapagos cruise.

There are many things to see and do in this UNESCO Heritage site. Go on a hike in San Cristobal Island and visit Witch Hill and Pitt Point. If you are lucky, you might find Boobies or sea lions near the powdery soft sand. Perhaps you prefer an itinerary of the roads less traveled? Visit Santa Cruz Island, which can only be accessed by boat and if you have a guide. Surrounded by mangroves, this inlet is close to the home of spotted eagle rays, reef sharks, sea turtles, and even visited occasionally by hammerhead sharks.

Galapagos is home to unique species. You can witness them in action in Genovesa Island’s El Barranco and Darwin Bay as well as Santiago Island’s Egas Port and Espumilla Beach. Don’t miss out on snorkeling! You will never get bored with the wonderful schools of fish.

The key to making the best out of a Galapagos islands tour is planning accordingly. It is best to book tours from experienced and licensed agencies. Find a tour provider that can offer a wide range of Galapagos cruises that can suit the requirements and expectations of your travel party. See to it that the provider has detailed itineraries and ask if they can be more flexible with the options.

To help preserve the beauty of the islands and protect its natural inhabitants, book a Galapagos cruise that has environmentally sound standards.

You should also choose a tour provider that can automatically offer insurance. The key to enjoying Galapagos Islands is to visit a new attraction every day. See to it that the tour provider offers alternatives should there suddenly be strong rain or some other weather disturbance. You will be wasting your holiday if the tour provider is not able to offer alternatives in case of a freak storm. While on that subject, make sure that the tour provider also has good reservation, payment, and cancelation policies. This will make online booking from your home country much easier.

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