Task : Tinkercad

By: Darrien Friend

This is a diamond firework I used many diamonds multiple cylinders and a top I evaluate it a 10/10 because its it a really good and unique design. The design just came to me.

This is a robotic dragonfly it is a really good design multiple parts for better look and a weaponry system. I used diamonds, exclamation marks, a sphere. bunny ears, semi circle and a cone. I evaluate this design a 10/10 because of the complexity of this design and the fun it took to make it. the design just came to my head.

This is the hedgehog a mobile assault vehicle with 2 very powerful missiles on top and spiked wheels to destroy any enemy mobile assault vehicle. I evaluate this design a 10/10 because of the look and the design and the really cool colors. This design had come to my mind when I was putting all the first parts of the hedgehog together. I used cones, ovals, triangles, and squares.

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