Gary Paulsen

May 17, 1939 (age 75 years)

This is Gary Paulsen.

He was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and his parents were Eunice Paulsen and Oscar Paulsen.

Gary Paulsen ran away from his school and home at the age of 16. He traveled with a traveling carnival and he found different jobs as he went.

Some of the many jobs he worked at (before becoming an author) includes farmer, soldier, electronics engineer, a magazine editor, a contractor, a sailor, a musher, a carney worker, and a farmhand. He did a little bit of everything before he found writing.

Books were Gary's shelter. When a librarian gave him a library book and card he hit his turning point. After he read a book he new instantly that he wanted to become an author.

This is Gary racing his dogs in the Iditarod .

Gary has many hobbies, but his favorite hobbie is riding on his boat he also enjoys fishing,hunting, dog sledding, and etc...

Down below is a list of some of his most famous books that he has written.

Gary wrote all of his books based on experiences he had and some of the things he saw on his many journeys. Almost all of his books are Realistic Fiction. Some are even based upon his life as a kid.

Right now I am reading A Soldiers Heart and it is about a boy who signs up for what he thinks will be an amazing journey, but he finds out the hard way that the military is very rough experience. He sees horrifying things like his friends dying right in front of him and he can't go back for them. Even though he wants to leave very badly he sees that the military pays decently and he can't leave. Right now I am wondering if he will live through this horrible time!

This is his most famous quote. It is also one of  my favorite quotes.

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