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-Salt Water

-Sun (Not much)

-Weather (Colder lower, warmer higher)

Carrying Capacity

Carrying Capacity- The amount of organisms an ecosystem can support.

   In my ecosystem an organism that many others will be dependent on is the algae. If the algae in my ecosystem runs low the entire ecosystem will fall apart because it is the main source of energy                                                    

Limiting Factors

In my ecosystem one of the main food sources for fish is krill. Limiting factor could affect the fish if the krill population grew smaller. If the krill population gets small enough then the fish could eat all the krill causing both species to be extinct.

Energy Roles

Energy roles- How am organism passes energy through a food web







-Sea Slugs




-Sperm Whale (Carnivore)

-Green Sea Turtle (Herbivore)

-Hermit Crab (Scavenger)

-Dolphin (Omnivore)

Producers get their energy from photosynthesis.

Consumers get their energy from eating producers and other consumers.

Decomposers get their energy by eating dead leftovers from consumers.

The most important energy role is herbivore because they are the source of all of the other animals energy.

Food Webs and Food Chains

  Food webs are more realistic than food chains because multiple different animals eat multiple different things.

Chemical Equation: CO2+H2O ->C6H12O6+O2

For photosynthesis to work a plant needs carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight. The result of photosynthesis is oxygen and glucose. Photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplast of a plant cell.


Tropism- the movement of an organism towards or away from an external stimulus.

If one organism is taken out of a food web it could impact every organism in the food web depending on how many organisms rely on that specific species.

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I recommend that you should be more specific about the biotic factors. Like what kind of fish