Effects on Children with ADHD

Tachanna Richardson

Interview with Kassandra Robledo


1. When were you first diagnosed with ADHD?

A: "I was diagnosed at the age of 4."

2. Did you have problems in school with this disorder?

A: "Yes. I have problems in school sometimes. It can be a struggle because I can't really pay attention sometimes."

3. Do you tend to become very distracted?

A: "Yes I tend to become very distracted to even the smallest things sometimes."

4. I know some common symptoms of ADHD are Inattention, Hyperactivity and can be very impulsive. Do you have any of these symptoms?

A: "Yes i have these symptoms. You can tell by the way I act when I do certain things."

5. According to your previous answer, what kind of things do you so that involve those symptoms?

A: "I walk, jump around, or constantly move my leg or feet."

6. Do you or have you taken medication for ADHD?

A: "Yes. I took medication when i first was diagnosed."

7. If you take, or have taken medication, how long and how many times a day did you take it?

A: "I have took it for a year and a month. I had to take it in the mornings and afternoons."

8. What kind of medication did you take?

A: "I can't really remember the exact name of it, but it was a type of liquid."

9. Do, or did, your medication help you improve your ADHD?

A: "It helped improve a little."

10. Why did you stop taking your medication?

A: "My mom didn't want me to take it anymore and people were making fun of me."

11. Are you a very creative person?

A: "Yes. I can be very creative at times."

12. Do you consider ADHD to be an advantage or disadvantage?

A: "Both."

13. According to your previous answer, why do you think that?

A: "I think both because it can help me but then again it may or may not help me in school, as far as focusing on work."

14. How do you deal with ADHD on a daily basis?

A: "I deal with it by sleeping, walking, coloring, or drawing."

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