Religious freedom in the U.S.

       Recently in Indiana, a new law has let people exercise their religion freely. The inspiration of the law was when a group of Native Americans where caught smoking peyote, a type of cactus, as part of a religious ceremony. The law was meant for people to be able to do this type of thing, but people have taken it to a more controversial twist. Many people are being discriminatory to other groups due to their religion, most notably Catholics and other Christians not letting Gays, Lesbians, etc. into their businesses.

     This has caused a lot of controversy, as people see it as unjust to be discriminatory to others, even if it is due to religion. The thing is, this law dies not allow this. The idea for something to avoid a law has to be looked over by the government. If what happens due to letting someone avoid a law is harmful in any way to others or would compromise their rights, the otherwise illegal activity is not allowed;

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