Out of My Mind

Project by Will and Raza
Book by Sharon Draper

     Summary/Character Traits

Out of my Mind is a book by Sharon Draper.  The story is about a girl named Melody. Melody is a kid with cerebral palsy, a muscle disease. She can't talk, let alone walk.  She has to sit in a wheelchair because of her disease. She is very smart, but no one knows that because she can't speak. Melody is sick and tired of being trapped in her mind.  Melody is a messy person because she makes messes when she eats. She is happy when she hangs out with Rose. Finally, she is jealous of her sister, Penny, because she can move her limbs and speak.

The front cover of Out of My Mind, the novel by Sharon Draper.

What is cerebral palsy?

In Out of My Mind, Melody has cp.CP is a disease that effects the muscles in the body. There are 3 types of cp: spastic, atheoid, and ataxic. Some babies are born with cp because while in the womb, their brains, get damaged. This doesn't happen to everybody. Premature babies are most likely to get cp. Melody is treated differently because she has this disease. She is bullied by Molly and Claire because they think since she is disabled, she doesn't have any thoughts and that she isn't smart.                                                                                                                                          

More about cerebral palsy

     CP is a muscle disease that has to do with the brain and muscles. There are 3 types, each one very different from one another: spastic, atheoid, and ataxic. Atheoid cp makes it harder to control muscles in the body. Ataxic cp has problems with balance and coordination. Spastic makes it hard for you to relax your muscles, or the muscles may be stiff.

     Cp can happen by brain damage while I the womb and can be developed over time. The symptoms are inability to speak and move. CP can be severe or mild.  If both arms and legs are effected, the person has to sit in a wheelchair.  If legs or arms are the only limbs effected, they might need to use crutches or braces.

Famous person with cerebral palsy

    One famous person with cp is Rick Hoyt. Rick Hoyt was born with cp, and yet, with help from his family, he was able to win many marathons. In April 2014, Rick won his last marathon.He retired his career as a marathon runner after that marathon.


Point of view

In Out of My Mind, the story is told from Melody's first person point of view. Evidence to prove this is from this sentence: "Mom led me over to the very large table, and I was relieved to see that the group had left a spot for me." The sentence says "I" and "me", which are first person words. This proves that Out of My Mind is told from first person point of view.


The story takes place in Melody's house and school and also in Ms. V's house. Melody spends most of her time at either her house or at school. Melody spends a few times within the story at Ms. V's house. She doesn't really like school a lot because she is placed within a disability classroom called room H-5. She hates it because they treat her like a little baby. All they do in there is entertain them with baby stuff, such as the alphabet. But one day, Melody is put in inclusion class. She is treated like the same as in room H-5 in there, but she is bullied. Mr. Dimming, the teacher of the inclusion class, thinks she has no capability of learning. Melody's house is where she spends most of the time in the setting. In most chapters, she spends time at her house.She likes it there,but her parents work, so she has to spend time after school at Ms. V's house. She also likes it there. When Melody is at Ms.V's house she helps Melody learn new things.


The theme of the story is that even if you can't speak, you can still make a huge difference in the world. Melody couldn't speak, yet she is very smart and has thoughts like any other normal kid. Molly and Claire bully her, but some people like Catherine treat her like a normal person.

This Tackk was created by Raza and Will.