AP Human Geography Review: Borders and Ethnic Groups.

This is a very accurate picture of how the US has borders that are not even visible in real life but they can be seen on a map.

Definition of a Boundary:

a treaty-like, legal sounding document is drawn up in which actual points in the landscape are described.


             Ethnic Groups

Definition: a group of people who share the same ancestors, culture, language, or religion.

    Separation of Ethnic Groups

A border can create ethnic groups to separate due to loss of communication between the them. This creates for the ethnic groups to separate and create fragmentation of them. Fragmentation is when a whole is divided, in this case, the whole is the ethnic group that is fragmented by the border.

Definition of Fragmentation:

the process or state of breaking or being broken into small or separate parts.

This is an example of a whole square which represents an ethnic group.
The square is now divided by a line, which represents a border that is fragmenting the square, just how a border would divide an ethnicity

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