2/24/15 #SJSreports
Ceasefire! Or is it?

Who would have thought that a ceasefire would turn into a quarrel itself? Several days ago, a ceasefire began between pro-Russian separatists and Ukraine. But, intense fighting between the two groups began soon after the assertion of the ceasefire. The Ukrainian forces had to depart from Mariupol, the town where the quarrel took place. The NATO, or the North American Treaty Organization, repeatedly asked (politely) Putin, the president of Russia, if he could remove his troops from the town in Ukraine, but Putin denied that he had such troops in Ukraine. Russia still may continue to try and take over Ukraine again.

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Interview Transcript with Putin about the "cease-fire"

Interviewer: What is your opinion about the cease-fire?

Putin: What cease-fire? I don't remember a cease-fire anywhere!

Interviewer: In Ukraine, there was a "cease-fire" between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists. But, a quarrel between the two groups occurred soon after.

Putin: Oh, I see. I have never heard of such an event.

Interviewer: Don't you remember the NATO politely asking if you could remove your forces from Ukraine?

Putin: I don't recall that. Russia is no longer interested in conquering Ukraine again.

Interviewer: Then, what were pro-Russian separatists doing in Ukraine? After all, they do want Ukraine to be a part of Russia.

Putin: No, that is not true at all.

Interviewer: I see. Thank you, sir.

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Mariupol, Ukraine is where the ceasefire occurred.