By: Jensen Linder

Confucius created Confucianism because he wanted a peaceful society. "He expirenced first hand disorder when the lords fought for power". By experiencing first hand disorder he realized how China was not peaceful. "Between 722and 481 B.C.E. his own state. Was invaded many times". After his state was invaded many times he wanted to find a way to create a more peaceful government. "But he also saw that society and government had to change, if peace and order were to exist". This lead him to create confucianism and he became one of the most famous philosopher in China's history. What lead Confucius to create confucianism was disorder, no peace.

This symbol symbolizes the influence confucianism had on China's government."The influence of confucianism led Han leaders to hire civil servants on the basis of their ability". This is showing that civil servants cannot be hired off of a test but experience. "To be qualified government workers were expected to know Chinese classics in detail". This is saying you would need to know basic Chinese culture. "Value such as respect for elders, proper behavior and love of scholarship became deeply woven into Chinese society." So after a while all of Confucius teachings were woven into Chinese society where they were used for a long period of time. Overall confucianism had a huge affect on Chinese government.

This picture is symbolizing how you should respect your elders. "According to Confucianism there are five basic relationships between people ruler and subject, husband-and-wife, father and son, older sibling and younger sibling and friend and friend." So as it is shown anyone that is higher than you, you should respect."All people most respect and obey those who are above them in status". Just like before if you are a father than your son must respect you. "Confucius taught, do not do to others what you would want done to you." So if you do not want to be kicked in the leg by someone do not kick someone in the leg. As you have seen Confucius wanted  only peace so by respecting your  elders you are causing peace.

This picture symbolizes Confuciuses love of scholarship and how it influenced other people. "After his death, some of these students collected his sayings and put them into a book called The Analects." He influenced someone and then they influenced someone else and so on and they created a book that would memoralize him. "The gentleman first practices he preaches and then preaches what he practices." So if you tell someone what or how to do something make sure you have practiced it. "Even today the sayings of Confucius are wise and practical." So his sayings are stilled valued today. As you have seen his teachings have been appreciated.

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