Lorelei's Computer Literacy

I am Lorelei and my favorite thing to do is to play soft ball. I think about it day at night, my saying it Eat, Sleep, and Play Softball. I also like to do a lot of art. I draw, paint, color craft all sorts of things. But my biggest occupation is my baby brother Griffen, he is a lot of fun to play peekaboo with and he is a big trouble maker. I also love to go to school though I didn't like school all the time I do now.  

Computer History

In the begging of third quarter I learned eleven  of the major components of the computer. We also learned the past of computers and the estimated future of computers. This lets me know  how the computer is processing what I am typing. What I thought was interesting was how expensive the first computers where because of how big and bulky they where. I had also learned that future computer systems should be able to fit in the palm of your hand.


During the lesson of Internet and searching I learned that while I am searching the internet to only use key words. I also learned that Google search asks over 200  questions about your search. Then it out puts you results in about 1/2 a second. It asks questions like is this web site credible or how many times is your search words typed in this article or is one of them is the title. When searching for what you really want in stead of the search engine putting out what you don't want put percentiles around the words.

Wed site credibility

When learning about web site credibility I learned that some websites may be created for fun. When looking for a credible website look for when it was last up dated who the author is and the about us button is important because in on web site it said sorry but this website was made for fun sorry love you guys. Would you want to send them money for what get you buy? This was vary important to learn because some people take this information and put it in their essay and have false information. I also learned about C.R.A.A.P and don't freak out it is an acronym.

C- Currency

R- Relevance

A- Authority

A- Accuracy

P- Purpose

Word processor
(Microsoft Word)

I learned that the top thing holding all the tabs is called a ribbon and you can customize you own tab on the ribbon. When you highlight the words you get a toolbar for only that text. If you can't find text that you know is in there just click on the find button and type in what you are looking for and it will highlight it and you can correct it if you want to. Like you can switch a month on a flyer that you have used for a slimier event. The ribbon also hold all the tools you will need like if you want to make everything you highlighted and don't want to retype it just use the change case command. I didn't know that before and it would have been handy in many cases.

Spreed Sheets

I learned that all the box's you can insert a math problem and you can have it solve it for you. You also can change text sizes, put on bold, and highlight  like in word. It is a good to keep addresses and phone numbers on. It is also a good format to use on a poster because it is easy to insert the information and re-size the columns.  Excel is an easy to use and easy to comprehend it did not take me long to get the hang of and all of sudden I was a champ.

Digital Footprints

When I learned about my digital footprint I got more cautious about what I posted and looked up. I realized that future colleges and implores can look up my digital footprint and it can determine my whole future. Your digital footprint starts before you are even born when you are about five months and they take a picture of you in the whom. It goes on ever time you or your parents post a picture of you. It even goes on when you pass away when relatives say that it is a sad day because you have died.

What I learned
about PowerPoint

When I was using PowerPoint in computers I learned about transitions. I also learned how to take pictures from Bing without copyright on it easily. When using PowerPoint I learned that when you insert photos you can change them and put a frame on it. Another thing I learned about PowerPoint is that when you insert  video you have to also insert it into the same file as the slides you are making if you want to put it on a flash drive. Last thing I learned is that when you do put your PowerPoint on a flash drive you have to put the whole folder that you put the videos and PowerPoint on.  

Digital Citizenship   

When I was told that we were going to learn about digital citizenship I though that we where going to learn something completely new. What I learned that it was basically was about everything that we had learned throughout the year in computers. We learned what seemed was review like copy write, online safety, and cyber bulling plus four more. When we learned everything about digital citizenship we had to put all together in a report to present to our teacher and or friend in your class. When I did mine did a Powtoon with my friend Emily   and we work hard o it and we did it on plagiarism.   


When I first heard that we were going to have typing as a grade I thought that it would be an easy grade. What found was that it is not easy at all and we have to use covers over our fingers so we can type faster in the future. I also learned about typing ergonomics which basically is how you are suppose to be positioned while typing, first your elbows at in a right angle and wrists off the table. When I started typing lessons I learned that it is really hard to type without looking and I started to get better at typing basically blind I now thank Mrs. Johnson for showing me how to type without looking. I have been progressively getting faster at typing through the year and it has been really hard but it is almost over and I will miss typing and all the stuff Mrs.Johnson has been teaching us through third and fourth Quarter.